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    Here you will find a range of courses, enabling you to learn in your own time and at your own pace. Our expert instructors will be on hand throughout your learning to provide guidance and support and can be contacted via our live messenger. We use a range of blended learning solutions, making your training a fun and engaging experience. 

    Heliguy are a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved Recognised Assessment Entity (RAE) and are entrusted to provide training to operate in the Open and Specific Categories. We have proudly delivered training to some of the drone industry's leading organisations, as well as the Emergency Services. Heliguy is the only DJI Gold partner to offer online training in the United Kingdom and we are also accredited to deliver Continued Professional Development (CPD).  

    Whatever your experience using Unmanned Aircraft Systems, we're confident that you will find learning convenient, rewarding and most importantly, enjoyable. We also use this system to keep candidates informed about changes to regulation, policy updates and provide advice and guidance long into your future career as a professional Remote Pilot.  

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The GVC course is based on the prescribed syllabus of the CAA and is required to operate under an Operational Authorisation in the Specific Category.

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